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                             Prepare yourself Mentally

Learning how to ride an efoil is easier than people think! Even new beginners who have no comparable experience can do really spectacularly well. Having said that, we of course can’t guarantee your level of success but will guarantee you will have a lot of fun. The vast majority of our new riders are able to get up on foil faster than they thought possible. You will have an instructor riding alongside next you, coaching you along to dial in your perfect technique.

Some riders have enough fun riding on their knees, or standing up riding the board just on the surface, like a powered surfboard that can go in any direction. We will not pressure you beyond your comfort zone. Some helpful tips: Speed equals stability. Although efoils can get up to 25 mph, your top speed will be limited to around 15 mph.  If you study some of the videos here, look closely at how the riders have positioned themselves on the efoil board. Look at their stance, their posture, and their foot placement. If you can look like that on the efoil, you will be super successful and the people walking by on the beach will all stop and stare at you flying by and their mouths and eyes will be wide open in amazement and wonder, seeing you levitate over the water with grace and ease!

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